David Tushishvili Partner

At Entropy David oversees investor relations and fund management. His career started in oil industry, working for TNK-BP in Sales, Trading and Logistics Department. Later he held position of senior specialist in operations at Trafigura, one of the largest commodities trading groups in the world. In 2014 David moved back to Georgia and has been developing and managing multiple real estate projects with success. Apart from this he’s been managing his assets in cryptocurrencies for two years now.

Bakar Maruashvili Partner

At Entropy Bakar manages fund's portfolio and is author of Entropy's investment machine. Bakar started his career at Société Générale as Asset and Liability officer, where he implemented Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Coverage Ratios per Basel III standards. In 2014 he and Giorgi moved to the U.S. and founded Deehubs, where they closed 2 investment rounds prior to moving to crypto industry in 2016. Up to this date Bakar is actively commenting on the cryptoeconomy and monetary policies.

Nodari Chkuaselidze Partner

At Entropy Nodari is technical investment analyst. He has been researching distributed ledger technologies for over two years and has been an active contributor to the blockchain networks for over a year. He started by working on Tendermint protocol, later moved to Bcoin (Bitcoin Core alternative library), where he contributes on multiple levels, implementing multi-sig, Ledger Nano, Segwit integration and etc. At Entropy he oversees the technical aspects of all underlying or candidate assets and monitors the networks.

Giorgi Gurgenidze Partner

At Entropy Giorgi is investment analyst. Prior to that he was working at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia as market research and strategic advisor. Later with Bakar he moved to the U.S and founded Deehubs, a U.S based street media company. Since 2016 after moving to cryptosphere Giorgi has been actively researching and following crypto assets and currencies. His major role takes on legal aspect of the tokens, their circulation, issuance and security consideration. He's avid crypto community observer.

Marina Guledani General Counsel

At Entropy Marina brings her professional experience that includes over 15 years of legal consulting and advising securities, banking, finance and energy sectors and over 13 years of investment banking experience and in-depth knowledge of capital market and structured finance products. She also has 17 years of experience of working with donor organizations and International Financial Institutions in the capacity of legal counsel and independent legal expert (projects with USAID, EBRD, ADB, KfW, Danish and Norwegian development agencies). Ms. Guledani is actively engaged in the process of implementing capital markets and pension reforms in Georgia.